Broke Wide Open- Unplugged Tour

By Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo

Many of us have had the pleasure of witnessing the magic of a one-person show: John Leguizamo, Caridad (La Bruja) de la Luz, Helena D. Lewis, to name a few, have all been outstanding in this genre. But how many of us can say we have actually taken part in the development of such a masterpiece? For quite some time, Rock Wilk has been working on bringing us the play of a lifetime – his lifetime. Broke Wide Open has been described as a verbal opera guiding us through the journey of one man’s search for his biological mother, his identity, his home. The pure, raw honesty of his performance is undeniable as Wilk invites us to embark on his soul-searching expedition while leaving his heart on the stage. The play is a perfect blend of his talents (actor, playwright, poet, socially and politically charged vocalist) guaranteeing a myriad of emotions as we not only join him, but feel as though we are him. Through unfiltered emotions we become one, evolving and overcoming trials and tribulations mapped out before us. Through his Unplugged tour, Wilk encourages audience members to stay after the show and provide feedback/constructive criticism so he may file any rough edges and polish his gem with the viewer’s best interest in mind. His ultimate goal? To share his story, his life, with as many people as he can from small venues to Broadway and beyond.

This past September, Broke Wide Open was brought to the stage of The Medicine Show Theatre in NYC where it was run as a 3 week, 12 performance workshop. The play has received rave reviews from peers, colleagues and audiences via virtual pages and print (up to and including The New York Times). So far, the Unplugged Tour has graced the stages of The Showroom Theatre of Asbury Park, NJ and the Nyack Village Theatre in Nyack, NY. Next stop is the SoulSweet Sanctuary in Bronx, NY. How often do you get the chance to experience an amazing piece of art? The kind that gently takes you by the hand, leads you to a tunnel heading towards the unknown, swoops you up into a tsunami of emotion before gently lulling you to serenity? How often does one get to witness a stage in the metamorphosis of an unpolished masterpiece? Not many can say they have. If you are amongst them, you certainly owe it to yourself to find out. Come join the crowd this Saturday, December 18th, 8pm (9PM show time) at the SoulSweet Sanctuary in the Bronx. Share Rock’s experience – it is guaranteed to change you!

Get to know Rock Wilk and his sensational work at:

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